Welcome to The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People.  As I enter into my second year of my first full term adversity besets the atmosphere of our room.  As we rebuild the infrastructure of this historic organization things will change. Throughout this evolution, we will have to endure some valleys before we reach the pinnacle of the glory days.


Some of the changes we are dealing with is reintroducing the Durham Committee to the 90,000 Black residents in Durham.  Dues are new and serve as a revenue source for us to reach those new to our community.  I want to say thank you all of our "Financial" members for investing in and helping us carry out the mission established in 1935.   With your contributions we will be able to get the work done that is needed in our community.  We are grateful that you have decided to share the load with leadership.  


As we move forward in my term as Chairman, I hope that we will soon fully engage our community on the important issues that peak their interest.  Our standing committees are already beginning to have a much stronger presence in the community and we only intend to intensify that impact.  

Come visit us at our office, is located at 601 Fayetteville Street Suite 200.  It is in the heart of Durham’s Historic Hayti Community.  Our once a month General Body Meetings which is on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Stop by and "Like" our Facebook page. Join us!  Help us get our community back in order!!!


Omar S. Beasley




© 2019 DCABP

Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People

PO Box 52171
Durham, NC 27717

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