1935                                        Durham Committee on Negro Affairs formed


              1939                                        68% of eligible black voters are registered in Durham County


               1944                                       Clyde Cox and Allen Samuel become Durham's first black police officers


               1946                                       Durham Committee on Negro Affairs joins organized labor and white liberals in new                                                                     political bloc formed by Democratic Party activist Les Atkins


               1953                                       Rencher N. Harris becomes first black elected to Durham City Council.  Rencher is                                                                     third from the right in the picture below.













             1956                                        Martin Luther King, Jr., attends Durham Business and Professional Chain Trade Week,

                                                             speaks at Hillside High School


             1957                                        Durham Bulls have first black players, Bubba Morton (pictured below) and Ted                                                                            Richardson; demonstrators attempt to integrate Durham Athletic Park seating on                                                                          opening night








                                                             Durham Interdenominational Ministers Alliance passes a resolution for "a community                                                                    free of discrimination and segregation"

                                                             Sit-in occurs at Royal Ice Cream parlor

                                                             Black teachers admitted to summer institute at Duke University

                                                             Parents of Joycelyn McKissick and Elaine Richardson sue for their daughters'                                                                              reassignment to Durham High School

                                                             Mayor E. J. (Mutt) Evans forms Committee on Human Relations to address strained                                                                      race relations

                                                             City tennis courts integrated


              1958                                       Rencher N. Harris becomes first black on Durham city Board of Education


              1959                                       City school board allows reassignment of eight black pupils to previously all-white                                                                        schools; Anita Brame and Lucy Jones are first to integrate, at Brogden Junior High


              1960                                       Sit-ins occur at downtown lunch counters.

                                                             Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ralph Abernathy visit, speak at White Rock Baptist Church












              1963                                      30-day mass-demonstration campaign for integrating public facilities; 130 arrests on                                                                   first night

                                                            Mayor Wense Grabarek meets protest rally, forms Durham Interim Committee on race                                                                 relations

                                                            Most hotels and restaurants integrate

                                                            Public swimming pools and libraries integrate

                                                            Industrial Education Center integrates programs in retail distribution and marketing

                                                            Chamber of Commerce and Jaycees open membership to blacks

                                                            Federal court orders Durham city schools to adopt freedom-of-choice desegregation                                                                   plan; pace of school integration accelerates

                                                            Black leaders petition Durham County schools to accept pupil reassignments

                                                            Durham County Citizens Council formed to oppose integration


            1964                                        Durham Interim Committee replaced by Committee on Community Relations

                                                            Martin Luther King visits Durham and speaks at the Jack Tar Hotel













            1965                                        Durham County schools begin desegregation under freedom-of-choice plan


            1966                                        Activist Howard Fuller forms United Organizations for Community Improvement to                                                                       encourage black political participation

                                                            Demonstrations held for city schools to begin Headstart and Youth Corps

            1967                                        Asa Spaulding becomes first black on Durham Board of County Commissioners











                                                            Headstart and Youth Corps instituted in city schools


           1968                                         Elna Spaulding forms biracial Women in Action for the Prevention of Violence

                                                            Howard Clement forms Black Solidarity Committee for Community Improvement











                                                            Solidarity Committee begins selective merchant boycott, lasting through Christmas                                                                     season


           1972                                         Mickey Michaux elected to the North Carolina legislature in 1972











           1977                                         Mickey Michaux became the first black United States Attorney in the South since                                                                         Reconstruction when he was appointed to head the office in the Middle District of North                                                             Carolina.


           1980                                         Karen Bethea-Sheilds became the first female elected as a judge in North Carolina’s                                                                  14th district (Durham)












            1985                                        Jack Bond became Durham County's first African- American county manager












            1989                                        Chester Jenkins becomes first black mayor of Durham












Jeanne Lucas becomes the first African-American Woman elected to serve in North             Carolina's state Senate, representing Durham County. She was appointed to complete       the term of former Senator Ralph Hunt, Sr. who served as our chair from 2014-2016.


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