1. The Civic /Public Relations Committee:

Duties: To promote civic awareness and involvement within the Durham community by advising the public of vacancies on local boards and commissions, recruiting persons to apply for positions on select boards and commissions, assisting in planning public forums with other Standing Committees, assisting with food and clothing drives for families in need, and facilitating communication with the membership and others to promote greater participation in resolving problems and community challenges.


2. The Economic/Finance Committee:

Duties: To support and promote the advancement of African American economic growth through the promotion of residential and commercial activities within Durham County and to promote minority business enterprises associated with projects with the Durham Public Schools.


3. The Educational Committee:

Duties: To seek to influence the vision, achievements and educational activities of the Durham Public Schools, to ensure equality of educational opportunity for all youth with special interest in African American children and to monitor the expenditure of resources to ensure the equal treatment of all. This committee shall also seek to promote the distribution of information about Black History, not only in February, but also throughout the school year.


4. The Health Committee:

Duties: To keep the Committee and the community informed about health issues affecting Durham County residents and to promote initiatives and policies directed to exposing and eliminating health disparities existing in our communities.


5. The Housing Committee:

Duties: To increase the involvement of minorities in the housing market, both as providers and consumers, and to review all applicable housing laws to ensure equal protection and enforcement.


6. The Legal Redress Committee:

Duties: To advise the Committee and its Standing Committees on all legal issues arising and to serve as the advisor in the interpretation of parliamentary procedures of Robert's Rules of Order.


7. The Political Committee:                                                                                                                                                       Duties: To constantly maintain involvement in voter education, registration, mobilization, and recruitment of qualified candidates in an effort to bring about the election of persons who are sensitive and responsive to the concerns of minorities. This committee shall also analyze data and develop activities to promote more expansive political involvement.


8. The Religious and Human Affairs Committee:

Duties: To attempt to serve as a moral conscience to the Committee by involving churches and other religious organizations in the social, civic, moral, and human issues, and to mobilize the ministers and religious organizations in meaningful efforts important to the realization of the goals of the Committee.


9. The Youth Committee:

Duties: To initiate activities to involve Durham youth in educational, health, civic and political activities and to sponsor youth forums to educate them and impact behavioral practices.


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