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promote the welfare of Black people in civic, cultural, economic, educational, health, housing, political, youth, and religious and human affairs.


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work toward the elimination of racial discrimination and acts of white supremacy in public and private affairs.

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partner with other public and private groups in improving the cultural, economic, educational, and human affairs of the Black community. 

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Unifying Our Community in Times of Unrest


I am honored to serve as the 15th Chairperson of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People (DCABP). We are living in a day and time of unrest on many fronts. However, for over 85 years the Durham Committee has been at the forefront of the fight to make the lives of all Durham residents better. 


The DCABP has a long, unwavering record of addressing the realities of Durham and we will continue to do so with your help. It is our vision to unify our community, lean on and learn from our collective lived experiences and embrace the diversity of our rich culture.      


We are in a global pandemic and many of us has faced many challenges; however, we have seen our collective strengths when we come together in unity and recognize our commonalties and humanity. There are many issues to address in Durham such as social unrest, community violence, classism, racial injustice, homelessness, poverty, and the rapid displacement of Durham residents to name a few. This historic organization values everyone regardless of income, education and/or gender identity. Equally importantly, we welcome your voices and membership as we continue to unify our community, hold our elected officials accountable and hold each other accountable as we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. 


We meet the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. where we share information to educate our community. I encourage you to volunteer your time and get involved in one of our sub-committees where the real work in the community is done. Click here for more information on each committee and to complete the interest form.



Antonio Jones, MPA
Chair, DCABP


Our History

A beacon of economic power in the Black community

On August 15, 1935 a group of men gathered at a Durham Tennis Club to discuss black affairs and creating a new civic organization in Durham, North Carolina.  On that day, The Durham Committee on Negro Affairs was formed.  These founders, Charles Clinton Spaulding, James E. Shepard, Rencher N. Harris, W.D. Hill, R.L. McDougald, J.T. Taylor and L.E. Austin were referred to as “a committee of influential Negroes”.


In 1939, the Durham Committee adopted a creed drafted by R. N. Harris.  Its emphasis was to register voters, run and support candidates that they indicated would most benefit our race.  This creed also vowed to work for the betterment of several initiatives in the black community which included education, health, housing and economic power.


The name of the organization was later changed to the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People. 

Our Founders

Charles Clinton Spaulding,

James E. Shepard,
Vice Chairman

J.T. Taylor,

R.L. McDougald,

Rencher N. Harris,
Assistant Secretary

L.E. Austin,
At-Large Member

W.D. Hill,
At-Large Member

W. J. Kennedy
Made the motion to establish the Durham Committee

Charles Clinton Spaulding,